I started my career in Information Technology by enlisting in the US Air Force. My job was titled Communications Computer Systems Programming Specialist. My duties included programming in Cobol, Clipper and FoxPro. I also worked as a UNIX system administrator and general technical support. My time in the Air Force was a great experience and I was stationed in Honolulu, HI and South Korea.


Having moved to Albuquerque and working odd jobs for a couple of years, I finally got back in to Information Technology by being hired as a desktop support tech at Intel. It was a large facility and I worked on a project upgrading 5,000 PCs to Windows 2000. Before I left the position, I had been promoted to Site Manager. The clean room experience was awesome.


My first experience in the healthcare field was working at Lovelace Hospital in Albuquerque. I was a contract employee working as a desktop support technician. I enjoyed working on large scale projects there.


My passion leaned more towards application and software support over hardware. One of my favorite employers was ProLaw Software (now a part of Thomson Reuters. I was able to use various skillsets in tech support, data conversions and technical writing.


Kansas City, MO called to me and I moved to the midwest, excited to live somewhere new. I started out doing various temp computer tech work and ended up at a large law firm, over 2,500 employees, Shook, Hardy & Bacon. I worked as a desktop support tech and was promoted to the help desk lead technician.


Another large law firm, Lathrop & Gage, hired me as a help desk technician. However, I soon became an SCCM administrator in the Applications Support team. I distributed various software and a standardized OS image firm wide. Each of the 11 field offices were set up with their own deployment servers allowing them to reimage onsite and avoid costly shipping back and forth.


Given an opportunity to work in a world-class architecture firm, I began working at 360 Architecture. With a small I.T. team, I had a variety of duties including tech support, image creation and deployment, maintained Windows and VMWare servers, supported over a dozen Apple computers as well as the entire Autodesk software suite. The most fun I had was setting up a distributed model rendering farm of PCs for the architects.


After 10 years in Kansas City, I decided to move back to Albuquerque to be closer to family. A postion at yet another law firm opened up and I began working for the Rodey Law Firm. This is where I've been working in another small I.T. team. My duties include help desk technician, system administration and Windows 10 image creation and deployment using Microsoft Deployment Tools.


Web design became a fascination for me in the last year or so. I've been self-learning and using online classes to develop skills in HTML, CSS, Javascript and various CSS frameworks such as Twitter Bootstrap and Google's Materialize. I've also learned the ropes in WordPress and custom website development. I look forward to eventually using my new skills in a professional capacity in the near future.


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